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Jamie Millard at TEDxUMN: Don't Ask For Permission

John Moravec at TEDxUMN: Rise of Knowmads

Krystal Rampalli at TEDxUMN: Medical Tourism: Your health can now be outsourced

Adam Moen at TEDxUMN:Choices, Suicide, and Apple Cores

William Dufree at TEDxUMN: Robots That Will Make You Stronger -- Assistive Robots

Christian Greer at TEDxUMN: Mental Health Care Delivery In The 21st Century

Walid Issa at TEDxUMN: Entrusting Our Future To Our Youth

Emily Cassidy at TEDxUMN: Meat'ing Future Food Demands

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson at TEDxUMN: Climate change, capitalism, and what's next

David Ernst at TEDxUMN: Open textbooks and access to higher education?

Todd Reubold at TEDxUMN: What Day of the Week is Someday?

Nick Kelley at TEDxUMN: Rethinking Influenza Vaccines.

Deb Swackhamer at TEDxUMN: Water Quality and Future Generations.

Brian Lozenski at TEDxUMN: Bringing Cultural Context and Self-Identity Into Education.

Tom Fisher at TEDxUMN: Designing Systems to Avoid Failure.


Laura Selle Virtucio at TEDxUMN: Her Kind.

Massoud Amin at TEDxUMN: Powering Progress: Smart Infrastructure and the Future of Cities.

Jeff Gralnick at TEDxUMN: The Soudan Iron Mine and Discovering Alien Microbes.

Julie Gilbert at TEDxUMN: Howls of Growth.

Jodi Sandfort at TEDxUMN: The Power of Integrative Leadership.

Ben Shardlow at TEDxUMN: The Cultural Potential of Vacant Storefronts.

Aaron Doering at TEDxUMN: Adventure Learning.

Jeanne Kilde at TEDxUMN: Sacred Space and Contested Terrain.

Chris Cloud at TEDxUMN: The Power of Do-It-Together.

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