In her talk, Britt Ringstrom takes us on a journey where we learn about how she and several others have learned from their struggles.

Britt Ringstrom has built both her career and her life around strength, exercise and movement. An athlete throughout high school and college, Ringstrom’s performance on the ice and the field– not to mention her ability to back squat 400lbs– mark her as nothing less than the epitome of power and performance; however, Ringstrom is no stranger to the challenges of disease as well as mental and physical setback. After struggling with severely swollen joints and all-consuming fatigue, Ringstrom was diagnosed with Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis mid-way through her college career. Betrayed by her body, Ringstrom was forced to modify her lifestyle in order to continue to pursue her passion. In the process, however, Ringstrom has been able to bring her love of action, commitment to health and unique perspective to movement’s special populations, including elderly individuals facing similar physical obstacles and young girls attempting to find their place in athletics.